Taekwondo Hidenori Ebata intends to challenge RIZIN in the future

Hidenori Ebata [27], who has won the 8th straight All Japan Championship in the Taekwondo men's 80kg class, showed his intention to challenge RIZIN in the future on the 3rd.

Regarding the reason, "In Taekwondo, there is no enemy in Japan and you have to go abroad. To do this requires a large amount of expeditionary expenses, so it is a difficult environment to strengthen yourself. And Japan is K-1 There is a lot of strong people, including RIZIN, and I am very interested as a martial artist, and I want to challenge how well Taekwondo's technique can be used.”

Taekwondo will continue in the future. Although he missed being a representative of the individual event at the Tokyo Olympics, he said, "There are still group competitions as an open event. Now, with the goal of the team competition, I will pull the Taekwondo world of Japan as a representative." ..

Ebata is 197 cm tall and away from the Japanese. Osaka Yuhigaoka Gakuen At the end of the second year of high school, he started a taekwondo after being hit by a leg game. In January of high 3, he traveled to Thailand by himself and took a front kick 1000 times a day in a pitch-dark place without streetlights. I had never practiced interpersonal practice with the other person, and while crying, I completed a month of self-sufficiency without a shower. A tough guy who won the All Japan Championship in just two years. At the time of the in-house drama about the strengthening policy, Ebata was actively disseminating his opinions.

At the end of March, Steel Engine left the company and is now self-employed. "I'm not going to belong anywhere, and I intend to continue living as an athlete while balancing my work."

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