Taekwondo Kanahara, blurring from the beginning of Sanjapo

Noboru Kanehara [65], the president of the All-Japan Taekwondo Association, has been decided to retire on the 15th, TBS-related information program “Sunday Japon” [Sunday at 9:00 am], hosted by Hikaru Ota [54] and Yuji Tanaka [54] 54 minutes]. This is the first time that Mr. Kanehara has lived in a television studio since his retirement.

Mr. Kanbara appeared as a special treatment from the beginning of the program. When asked why he appeared in the program, Tanaka asked AD because the Sanjapo AD was sitting on his face, and Tanaka asked, “What are you talking about?”

Ota also said, “Smile is nice. Taekwondo smile Cinderella” and Terry Ito said, “It was the same time when I entered the station, but I thought it was a big car and I was going in and out.”

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