Taiga "Kirin ga Kuru" episode 7 15.0% increased by 1.2P last time

The 7th NHK Taiga drama "Kirin ga Kuru" [Sunday 8:00 pm] was broadcast on the 1st, and the average audience rating in the Kanto area was 15.0%, a video research found on the 2nd. . It increased 1.2 points from 13.8% of the broadcast on February 23 of the previous week and put it on the 15% mark.

Although the first time started by recording a high audience rating of 19.1%, the number gradually decreased as the number of times repeated, but the number exceeded the previous number for the first time on the 6th of February 23 broadcast Was recorded, and this time it was further improved. Originally, the work itself was highly evaluated, so it is expected that high-level numbers like this will be kept in the future.

In addition, the average rating of BS Premium, which started broadcasting at 6 pm on Sunday, has been steadily increasing. The first time dropped to 3.3%, the second to 3.9%, the third to 3.6%, but the fourth to 4.0%. The 5th rose to 4.5%, and the 6th was the highest in the same work at 4.7%. The 7th time recorded the same 4.7% as the previous time.

▼ Average terrestrial audience rating in the Kanto area

The first time was 19.1% [Kansai area 19.3%]

The second was 17.9% [Kansai area 17.4%]

The third was 16.1% [Kansai area 14.0%]

4th 13.5% [Kansai area 13.7%]

The fifth was 13.2% [Kansai area 15.7%]

6th 13.8% [Kansai area 13.6%]

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