Taikan also participates in the 2020 snow race! A large collection of successive Porsche

GP Ice Race, a race event that runs on various machines on snow cover, was held in 2020 in the winter resort area of ​​Austria.

This event was resurrected for the first time in about 40 years in 2019, and enthusiasts from all over the world gathered and achieved great success. In 2020, 16,000 spectators came to see the cars running through the snow. This year, a truck with a circumference of 600m was covered with 40cm of snow. Numerous cars run through it, regardless of genre, from race cars to rally cars and road cars.

Last year, Porsche brought in one of the most iconic ice races, the 550 Spider, which was a big hit. The lineup was further enhanced this year. The original works rally car and the legendary racing machine 935 have appeared in both original and reprinted versions. With Formula E's 99X Electric, of course, models like the 356 and the Narrow ran on the snow. It is also a topic that some 2020 Porsche's first EV Tikan participated in 2020.

Although it is the second event in the 2000s, it has already become a very popular event for motor sports enthusiasts. Let's look forward to what kind of Porsche will gather in 2021.

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