Takanashi Sara is third and this season's first podium “very surprised”

Sara Takanashi [Kuraray] was on the podium for the first time this season with 3rd place, 251.5. He was ranked 3rd in the first 133.5 meters and kept the ranking in the second 126.5 meters. Top if limited to the second time. “I didn't think I could be in such a good position from the state of yesterday [7th]. I am very surprised.” The opening day of the previous day was 9th, but it showed a presence.

In the jump competition, both men and women boast 56 wins, the highest ever in the history of the World Cup, but only one win last season. A season in which humiliation is expected while continuing trial and error. “I want to concentrate only on what I should do,” he was looking at the remaining race of the year [14th, Klingenthal, Germany].

Yuka Seto [Hokkaido High-Tech AC] was ranked 10th, Yuki Ito [Tsuchiya Home] was ranked 12th, Nozomi Maruyama [Meiji University] was ranked 20th, and Kaori Iwabuchi [Kitano Construction] was ranked 30th. Marlene Lumby [Norway], aiming for 3 consecutive personal wins, scored 26.7 wins with 267.1 points, giving 27th win in total.

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