Takarazuka Seto Kazuya and Tojo's first starring work begin.

The Mysterious Roman @ Masquerade Hotel, starring Kazaya Seto, the popular star of the Takarazuka Revue's popular flower group, Kazuya Seto, has opened on the 5th at Theater Drama City in Kita-ku, Osaka.

Based on the novel by Keigo Higashino, the film was also made into a movie starring Takuya Kimura last January. Seto of KEN 16 [16th year] embodies the aesthetics of a male role, wearing discerning dresses, as a detective and a hotelman.

Seto, who also saw novels and movies, made a role as a Takarazuka version, referring to Kimura's acting. While saying, "I hate that expression [I want Kimura], I want to create that atmosphere. I also have a sharp look." On the other hand, I suffered from "poor posture."

There is a scene in which a detective is set to insult a hotelman for an investigation, and there is a scene in which the heroine Naomi Yamagishi [Kazuka Asazuki] is repeatedly warned by the education clerk to "stretch his back."

Since Takarazuka Music School before joining the company, Takara Jenne has been thoroughly struck by beautiful postures, standing postures, and ways of walking. Seto repeatedly struggled, laughing, saying, "We are not accustomed to making a bad posture," and appeared in plain clothes, the middle of standing with Rin as a hotelman, and the posture and standing. He was particular about the act.

Kosuke Nitta, who plays Seto, is a junior junior Hiryu Tsukasa. In the movie version, Fumiyo Kohinata played, but in the Takarazuka version, Hiryu performed enthusiasm for junior detectives because he was a junior student from Seto.

Hanagumi is the previous work, and Rio Tomorrow, led by five and a half years, has retired. Yukamitsu takes the new top position and a new system starts. Along with Yuka's performance in Tokyo, the new year begins with two groups. Seto, who is uniting the team, started with 20 years of enthusiasm, saying, "In one year, we will all build a foundation [of the new flower group]."

The drama city performances will be held in Tokyo and Japan Youth Hall 20th to 27th until the 13th.

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