Takashi Hosokawa "Is it under the sun?"

Enka singer Takashi Hosokawa [70] attended "TOKYO SAKE FESTIVAL 2020" in Tokyo on the 11th, and congratulated his disciple Mori Konomi [31], who married the sumo wrestler Takayasu [30 = Tagonoura] last month.

On the 7th of this month, it was revealed that Marriage and Du were four months pregnant. In response to the event, Hosokawa congratulated him with a smile, "Isn't this the only baby you had?" "Since Sekitori is quiet, I wonder if this person is laying on his butt? Listening to the conversation, I wonder if it's in the world. Gahaha!", said the newlyweds.

Mori says he wants to be a wrestler if he's a boy and an enka singer if he's a girl, but Hosokawa laughs, "I can step on my legs from my childhood, and I can even turn my fists with my oggers. Whichever I am born with?" Invited

On this day, we had a duet with "Naniwabushi, life is". Mori, who has been singing in public for a long time, also reported to the fans who gathered, "I became a married woman." "I'm full of happiness. And as a singer, I'll do my best to become a mother, power up, and give back to everyone," he said.

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