Takashi Matsumoto and Shiori Hirata maintain Olympic representation

The Japan Rifle Shooting Association held a conference in Tokyo on the 11th and announced a policy regarding the selection of representatives for the Tokyo Olympics.

Regarding the two rifles, Takashi Matsumoto [Self-Defense Force] and Shiori Hirata [Meiji Univ.], who have been designated as representatives, have decided to maintain their rights. The condition is that the specified score will be given at the record meeting scheduled to be held from January to March next year. The score will be decided in the future. Tsunehiko Tamura, Chairman of the Strengthening Committee and Vice-Chairman, said, "I don't think that the standards will not be met." However, if they do not meet the requirements, they will reselect at the final selection meeting next year.

Men and women's air pistol and air rifle, men's rapid fire pistol, women's pistol representative players will be decided at the final selection meeting.

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