Takashi Nagasawa reveals 300,000 yen card illegal use damage

A comedy combination, Takashi Nagasawa (40) revealed that the credit card had been used illegally.

Nagasawa tweeted on the 12th that "300,000 yen was illegally used for Creca!" I released a screenshot image of an email asking for personal information pretending to be Amazon and revealed that “ Probably because of the email below, I saw Amazon's notation and got up, so I clicked without doubt and entered variously. '' Was.

"If Sumitomo Mitsui didn't let us know, he would have been damaged by 300,000 yen," he said, and was able to avoid serious financial damage by contacting the card company. Nagasawa warned the fans, "Because my cautious growing up in the countryside was hurt, I'm sure everyone should be careful."

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