Takatoshi recalls Ambassador Hokkaido activation

Taka and Toshi, a comedian-comedy duo, took up the role of PR ambassador for Hokkaido's “Furusato Rediscovery! Campaign” that began on the 7th, and attended a conference held at the prefectural government.

The campaign is an effort to bring back regional revitalization amid stagnation due to the spread of new coronavirus infection. There are plans for a stamp rally using a smartphone and gourmet items from various parts of Hokkaido to be drawn by SNS, with a total of more than 5000 people drawn by lottery. The two are also Hokkaido Tourism Ambassadors, and Toshi declared his love for his hometown, saying, "I look forward to coming back with my family every year. Last year, I went to Lake Toya." When asked by the hawk, "What's the New Year?", he revealed, "Hawaii!", and from the hawk, he said, "Are you Western?" The first phase of the campaign will be from 7th to 14th September, and the second phase will be from 19th September to 9th November. The official website is https://furusato-hakken.jp.

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