Takayuki Makihara Defendant, paying attention to "reaction" and "future" in the 3rd sentence

The singer/songwriter Noriyuki Makihara [real name, Noriyuki] defendant [51] was sentenced today for being accused of violating the stimulant drug control law [possessed] and violating the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act [same] as having illegal drugs. It will be held at Tokyo District Court on the 3rd.

In the first trial on the 21st of last month, Makihara acknowledged the contents of the indictment, and the prosecution pointed out that "it is addictive, dependent, and severe punishment is necessary", and sentenced to two years in prison. The defense side concludes the same day, seeking a sentence with suspension of execution. Comment by Makihara on December 1, 1999, when he was sentenced to six months in prison [three years in suspension] for violating the Stimulants Control Law [possessed] Has been announced. The first trial on 21st did not mention the future, and attention will be paid to what kind of reaction will be received after the judgment.

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