Take over !? Maasai warrior, for some reason you can't log in to Facebook, but do this and that is a miracle revival! Masai Newsletter: No. 342

spa!た It was dangerous … It was a long pinch. It was a hard time to go on a special for a lifetime after nine deaths … Whatever happened, Facebook. Suddenly, I'm getting sick. Eventually I couldn't log in.

I don't think "that much … (laughs)." "Masai Tsushin," a serialized series that interacts with Go in Japan on Facebook, is my main source of income.If you can no longer use Facebook, you will naturally earn income …What is it? Is it dangerous

Let me briefly explain what happened. I don't have a squish, so I'm going to be in a vague memory, but I don't knowMy Facebook account was suddenly blocked (frozen?)I do.

further,"Erase account after 4 daysIt was written. At the moment, I was able to communicate with Go at Facebook Messenger,Go said, "Is that a scam?"

But unfortunately, I didn't really know if it was a scam or a takeover, or what was going on. Anyway, what was happening at the time was that "Facebook was sick and couldn't move."I think I couldn't log in because I was offline.

For the next few days, I couldn't contact Go at all. I heard from an acquaintance that he was worried about me. He also reassured Go from a nigga Masai warrior who lives in the same village as me and told Go, "Luka is safe."

I was impatient. If you were lazy, this month's Maasai communication was not updated. In other words, I don't get the manuscript fee. As I said, Facebook is directly linked to revenue.Facebook is the lifeline.I have to make it as soon as possible …

Five days after we lost contact with Go,First, I decided to create a "new Facebook account".My only friends are Masai warriors of nigga and Go. When I applied for a friend, I noticed a go! And

"Luka!ん Have you created a new account?ん Will you go this time!"

The message was flyingThis is insurance for the worst case. You can't just throw away the Facebook account you've created.I want to use an old account somehow.

So the next thing I did wasI went to an internet cafe in the city of Kimana and logged in to Facebook from my computer.Facebook You could operate Facebook normally from a PC, even though it did not work well with a smartphone.

If this happens, this one.After that, I changed my Facebook password.I tried to log in to my smartphone's Facebook with a new password …. It works fine ~ バ ッ チ (^ O ^) / Good ~ !!

It's an unexpectedly long sentence, but I'm fine. Also, I'm still not sure what happened to my Facebook,The fact that he was cured by changing his password may have changed his password.

So maybe everyone should review passwords, change them, and take other measures? Anyway, I was able to revive safely and it was really Yokatta ~ \ (^ O ^) / This month, Masai Tsushin, I'll do my best! Oreseri ~ !!

Report:Luke (Masai)

Super translation:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24.

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