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Take Pixel 4 and go to Omotesando for Christmas to take illuminations

It is almost December, but it is still November. It's time to feel good or bad for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas in Tokyo, it must be Omotesando or Roppongi. It is said that illumination will begin in Omotesando from November 28th. And with Google ’s sponsorship. There is no reason not to go shooting with "Pixel 4".

Explanation of “Pixel 4”

Well, you should first explain what “Pixel 4” is, but for more information, ask Google what is “Pixel 4”.

For those who are troublesome to search, Pixel 4 is a genuine smartphone just released by Google in October, and the camera performance was rated as amazing (although the Pixel 3 camera was also amazing) Yes. Although lenses and sensors are also of high quality, thanks to abnormally superior image processing based on AI and machine learning, it is possible to take pictures that could not be done with a smartphone camera, especially when shooting night views and the starry sky .

That's why I've taken the Omotesando illuminations this time. Unless otherwise noted, all the photos in the article are based on Pixel 4 with handheld auto shooting, and the shooting mode is almost night view mode, and some of the portraits taken in normal mode are also mixed. In addition to displaying a magnified image by clicking (or tapping) on ​​the photo, the unprocessed file can be viewed from the link "Display at full size" below the photo if viewed from a personal computer.

  • Take Pixel 4 to Omotesando. By the way, this photo was taken with Pixel 3

Take a sparkle of Omotesando with Pixel 4

This illumination can be enjoyed every night until December 25th. It is officially named “Omotesando Magic Illumination” and is organized every year by the local shopping district promotion association. Wow, Shibuya … I thought Yomiuri Land would be better … but the atmosphere of the city was calm and I didn't feel bad when I walked. It ’s not good to hate eating.

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