Takeshi and Yusaku Maezawa meet for the first time TV tackle year-end special program

On the 15th, it was found that ZOZO founder Yusaku Maezawa [44] appeared in the TV Asahi special program “Beat Takeshi TV Tackle Year-end Special” [6:56 pm broadcast] on the 21st.

This year's end-of-the-year special program will broadcast this year on the theme of “50 people who have made 2019 awesome”. Mr. Maezawa represents 19 years when he talked about various topics, such as planning a 100 million yen new year on Twitter, selling ZOZO, the first private trip to civilians, and dating with actress Goro Ayame [27]. It ’s a hot topic.

Takeshi and Maezawa met for the first time this time. Takeshi said, “I was talking about the word. I was working with Tsuyoshi [Ayame] -san, Chikshaw, etc. I was talking about various things [laughing]. But it ’s amazing, our generation Mr. Maezawa who appeared when he said, “It feels like a new entrepreneur. Regarding the resignation of the president of ZOZO, "Do you feel like you'll leave the troublesome work to others because you have stock, and make money when the [stock price] goes up?" .

Mr. Maezawa also explained the reason for tears at the resignation conference, the reason why the bank book with 100 billion yen was posted on the Internet, and the current feelings of the catastrophe. Answer various questions.

Other laughter problems, Makoto Otake, Sawako Agawa, Shinichiro Suda, and Akira Hokuto will appear.

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