Takeshi Soi “Sorry forgiveness” slander to female athlete

Talent Takei Takeshi [46] reveals that he was consulted while crying from a junior female athlete who was slandered on the net. "Isn't it?"

Takei wrote on Twitter on the 11th, “My good female athlete consulted while crying on the net and said,“ I should have become stronger if this is the case. ”” And call on that female athlete. "Since it won't lose shine because of that, please rest assured. Everyone who is bathed or bullied, only such a dark place will be the world, so I'll be as happy as a mountain!"

In the update on the 12th, “The junior smartphones were lined up with words that couldn't be seen. For the really nice person who was impressed as an athlete, he was obsessed with ugly words. “It ’s obviously humiliating with sexual expression,” he said. "If you don't like to look bad, don't look at the Internet or SNS," he argued, "Is it sane?" Debate and criticism are all right, but you can just despise the person, conceal the humanity you don't know, or throw sexual words. "Do you think it's natural and legitimate to put it on? Think again!"

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