Tako rainbow runs 50,000 takoyaki with Daicel CM

The new TV commercial of Daicel, a major chemical maker featuring the five-member idol group "Takoyaki Rainbow [Takorainbow]" from Kansai, will be broadcast from the 28th.

Kurumi Hori [20] Saki Kiyoi [20] Karen Negishi [19] Maori Haruna [18] Saki Ayaki [17] chatting in front of a takoyaki restaurant. The smartphone, candy bag, and glasses you have in your hand will change to the initial “DA” of the Daicel logo. From there, the chasing of the fleeing "da" and the octopus rainbow begins.

A product using Daicel technology becomes a "da" and runs around the town, encountering many "das" everywhere you follow. The octopus rainbow is surprised, "Dah !?"

The filming took place in Osaka, where Daiko was based and where Daicel was founded. In addition to the footage used in the finished version, the octopus rainbow ran around.

Including rehearsals and NG, the distance is about 1 km. Calculating with a 4 cm diameter takoyaki means that we have run about 25,000 pieces. No one hummed and ran at full speed. Notice the expression.

The CM song where the lyric sung by Tako Niji only has "da" is also impressive. I re-sung it many times, even though the lyrics were only for "da" and couldn't hear "da", the recording lasted two hours. Calculating the time required for baking on a takoyaki plate with 24 holes in 10 minutes, it means that about 288 takoyaki were singing "da" at the time of burning.

Daicel's CM series has been deployed since 2017 under the slogan “Change the Future with Chemistry!”. The acronym "da" has been introduced to show how Daicel's technologies and products are useful in many aspects of life.

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