Takoyaki store opened jointly with Yoshimoto Kogyo

“Takoyaki”, a takoyaki store operated jointly by Yoshimoto Kogyo and the entertainers, opens on the 17th floor of Namba Grand Kagetsu [NGK] in Osaka. On the first day, a popular sibling duo "Miki" rushed.

The store's manager is Nishinomura of Troutnosuke who is the head of the “Takoyaki!” of the Yoshimoto project “Bukatsu!”. From this morning, preparations were made from the morning while maintaining a social distance.

At 11:00 am, when the store opened, greetings were given by Mr. Loveji, who is the master of double-word "advertisement manager" double art. Customers started lining up, the first of which was "Mom with a baby." The menu is roughly divided into three types, takoyaki, shaved ice, and drink, and it will be purchased using the touch panel method.

According to Mabe, "I wanted to call a famous entertainer as a publicity leader," and Miki's visit was decided.

Subaru appeared while squeezing into "Why are we?", and Ao praised, "I have eaten before, but takoyaki is really delicious."

In Osaka, where Takoyaki is in a fierce battle zone, Subaru is also a taiko judge. "I think it's cheap or interesting to make an entertainer, but this one is usually delicious," he said.

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