Taku Sakaguchi "Kyo Musashi" Unprecedented one-cut 588 people cut

Actor Taku Sakaguchi [45] attended the unreleased audience event on the 5th in Tokyo, where the main movie "Kuru Musashi" [directed by Yuji Shimomura, released on 21st] was completed.

This work is a work depicting the battle between Musashi Miyamoto and Yoshioka Monshita, with the cooperation of the original director, Sonoko Onoko. The shooting itself was in December 2011, and it will be released after 9 years. Miyamoto Musashi, played by Sakaguchi, is talking about an unprecedented sword fight that cuts down 588 people in one cut of 77 minutes.

Thank you for the resurrection of the work that slept for 9 years. "It really depends on the people around me. [The shooting itself] I was selfish, and it was thanks to the people around me that I was able to make it public. I am grateful. It is a work of gratitude."

A 77-minute one-cut sword that no one has ever tried was said, "In the 5 minutes that started, my finger bones broke and I didn't have enough physical strength. At the end, my ribs were broken and my back teeth collapsed." Looking back on those days.

On YouTube “Kyoku Musashi Taku Channel” with more than 220,000 registered people, he shows off martial arts using “wave”. 77 minutes I didn't master the wave at the time of the one-cut shoot. However, in the additional shooting scene in March 2019, he made full use of the wave. They are showing a completely different sword fight.

"I want to express the samurai as an action actor using the body. This work is the beginning of it," he added, saying, "I think you will feel something if you see it. I want you to see it because it is an era."

On this day, Kento Yamazaki and Yuji Shimomura are also on the stage. Yamazaki and Sakaguchi co-starred in the movie "Kingdom." Yamazaki said, "I felt like fighting, although it was a sword fight for about one minute." “I wanted to do it if I could help,” said Shimomura, “Directed me from the drinking table to the manager,” said Shimomura.

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