Takuya Nakazawa enters the Oricon 10th place for the first time in his fourth debut

The singer Takuya Nakazawa [24]'s "Tour of the North" was ranked 10th in the Oricon Ranking on June 15. In the fourth year after his debut, he entered the best 10th place for the first time, and became the 1st place in the Enka Kayo section.

Originally from Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture, I aimed to become a car racer until I entered high school, but I was frustrated by the lack of sponsors. While enjoying the deep bottom, she won the title by singing “Sakura” by Naotaro Moriyama in the “NHK Nodo proud” that my grandmother applied. I was scared to be scouted by Crown Records, but I had a song line that I had never sung.

After debuting after training for about four years, he continued the campaign with a catch copy of "Nagaoka's Madam Killer" from sweet looks. On stage, he sang the Heisei J-pops, which he was good at, including the original Enka and Kayo songs. With the composition that timeless masterpieces pop out one after another and high singing power, we have steadily expanded our fan base. Last year, he succeeded in realizing the performance of 2000 people in his hometown Niigata and performing at the Japan Youth Hall. This year, events and concerts were postponed and canceled one after another at Corona, aiming for a big step up. The performance of the new Kabukiza in Osaka in July, which was supposed to be the largest stage ever, was canceled.

Although a big brake was applied, he said, "I can't meet you right now, but I can connect on the Internet." The live broadcast program entitled "House time" accepted guitar playing and questions from fans. At the time of the release of "Kita no Takujin CD Type", we will hold a "net signing session" in which you will be signed for all the CDs purchased through the internet for two days over several hours. On the day of the release, they were dressed in stage costumes and staged a lively stage in the "Audience Online Campaign" with the moderator.

With vigorous live distribution, he started trying to access the internet and SNS even when he was unwilling. The program began to receive messages of delight, even after all the hard work, such as "I worked hard."

“I think that by recording something at a time I couldn't spend naturally, I can cherish how much time I can naturally recover, in the future.” While activities were limited, the form that did not stop walking appeared as "Oricon Best 10." Leap year 2020 is the remaining half year. Continue to step on the accelerator.

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