Tamatama … The speed wagon is sneak in a public toilet

Comedy combination, speed wagon Jun Itoda and Kazutaka Ozawa have suffered damage from voyeurism while using public toilets. I will continue to consider it. "

The company reported on the official Twitter on the 12th, “Today, our talent speed wagon suffered voyeur damage contrary to morals while using the Kyoto Shijo Higashizume public toilet.” “If we find such an action in the future, we will consider it including legal action. While there are people who follow the manners and support them, it is painful to do this. Thank you for your understanding. "

Ozawa explained on his own Twitter, “When I added a line of things in a public restroom during a break at a location, I suddenly talked from behind and took a photo,” he explained. It ’s also embarrassing to be in line with each other, ”he said.

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