Tanaka Minami, past love story "I don't know anyone"

Minami Tanaka, 33, a free announcer, emphasized the past love affair described on the TV show, "Never knows who you are."

Tanaka appeared on Fuji TV series “ Downtown Nau '' on the 17th and talked about his past love, but after updating the story on Instagram, he said, “ I talked about past love, It's not something you all know. It's wrong. I'm sorry! I've been with you in your 30s. "

The program also talked about Shingo Fujimori, an oriental radio partner in the past, but Tanaka emphasized that the love story she spoke on the program was not about Fujimori. "I don't want to correct my remarks in such a place, but I don't want the other person to have a strange misunderstanding when it comes to online news. I'm sorry."

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