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TBS Yamamoto Eri Ana and others reading session "Discovery of expression"


TBS announcer Kuniyama Hasen Ana [28] Eri Yamamoto Ana [26] Mika Horii Ana [47] held a reading party in Chiba on the 7th. This is the 6th recitation by Anna. The book attracted visitors by reading the writer O. Henry's “Value of $ 1 / Wise Man's Gift”.

Kuniyama said that reading is the first time, “Reading is a lot of study because it goes beyond the expression as an announcer. Playing is also a cross-over, everything is fresh.” On the other hand, Anna Yamamoto, who has read aloud in the broadcasting department when she was a student, said, “This is the first time for something like a solid play. It is the opposite of what I usually do, so there is a tough part.”

This reading party was a great experience. Kuniyama Ana said, “I woke up [to act]. I wanted to appear in the theater on Sunday.” Inviting laughter, “I lived in various places, not only reading news, reading with feelings. I think it will come. " Anna Yamamoto also made her eyes shine, saying, “After practicing reading, the way of narration work has changed.

On this day, Yuriko Takahata [39] was originally scheduled to participate, but was absent due to poor physical condition. Ana Horii, a reading party producer as a pinch hitter, participated. Horii Ana said in an interview with Nikkan Sports the other day, “I thought I wanted to read it myself, but after all I made a stage by myself and went out on my own, I thought it was like a Giant. When I noticed, I was lamenting that I couldn't read it, saying, “That? I can't read it [laughs]”, but I realized my dream of participating as a reader unexpectedly. Horii Ana was a real hit, but attracted visitors with his excellent reading skills.

The reading will be broadcast on CS TBS channel 2 in January next year, and will be distributed on J: COM “Channel! On Demand” next March.

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