Team cheering and participation in competition cheer "Nitsuru" Regina

The official cheer dance team “Regina” of “YSC CC Yokohama”, which belongs to the 2nd part of the Japan Futsal League [F League], is unique. “Two sword style” of supporting the futsal team and participating in the competition cheer competition. Director Rina Yamada is enthusiastic about “I want to open a hole in the industry”.

Regina aims to balance futsal support and competition
Regina aims to balance futsal support and competition

Mr. Yamada has been dancing since 11 years old and is an instructor certified by the Japan Cheer Dance Association who is active as a choreographer. At his home school, Tamagawa University, he won the National Student Cheer Dance Championships category as a leader for the second consecutive year, and received a choreography award. In addition, Tatsuya Ishii, Kiyoshi Hikawa's back dancer, choreographing and teaching the movie “Cheer ☆ Dan” are doing a wide range of activities.

Regina started in April 2018 after receiving an offer from “YSC CC Yokohama”. “I don't want to create a team with cheer cheer. I just said, let me do the game space, lighting, and stage production,” says Yamada.

The team consists of 15 people, from 18-year-old first-year college students to 30-year-old working adults. The concept is “Number One”, “Only One”, and “Special One”. “No.1 is to have the technical, mental, and team skills that can be used to win the cheer tournament. "I am also impressed by the situation."

Regina is the only official cheer team in F2. The first year was trial and error, but this year in the second year, we met with MC and supporters to establish a support style using balloons. As a result, the team ’s promotion to F1 is in the range.

Regina's goal is not just cheering. Participated in "USA Japan All-Star Challenge Competition" [July] and "All Japan Cheer Dance Championships Kanto Qualifier" [October].

Practice 3 times on weekends and weekdays. Basically, while preparing the basis for the competition, members are selected according to the schedule of the futsal game, and the dance composition is made and prepared. Captain Yuri Asada said, “I was inspired by the fact that YSCC players are making efforts outside the competition. We want to do our best.”

Regina cheering
Regina cheering

◆ Regina The meaning of “queen” in Latin. The slogan is "Cheer dance team that supports and supports people". The parent body is Gravis Co., Ltd., which operates cheer dance schools in Machida and Yokohama.

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