Technique to create "space where cars do not come" using Google Maps

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Technique to create "space where cars do not come" using Google Maps

Google's free online map serviceGoogle MapsSimon Weckert, a Berlin-based artist, showed a surprising effect on "Dramatically reduce car traffic."

Google Maps Hacks-SIMON WECKERT

You can see how Mr. Weckert reduced the car traffic by looking at the following movie.

Google Maps Hacks by Simon Weckert-YouTube

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A man who pulls a cart carrying a large number of smartphones and walks dignifiedly in the middle of the road. Looking at the Google Map displayed in the upper right corner, you can see that the road across the bridge is green and there is no congestion at all.

As the man continued to walk, the color of the road on the map changed to red, indicating traffic. However, looking at the actual road, the car is hardly running.

In addition, men walk in front of Google's Berlin office with a large number of smartphones.

On Google Maps, it looks like there is heavy traffic in front of Google's Berlin office, but in reality there are only cars parked on the street, and almost no cars are running.

Google Maps is used in a variety of applications and services, especially at the heart of services such as Uber and other dispatching services, car sharing, and bicycle rental. In addition, self-driving cars that use the API of Google Maps have appeared, and it can be said that Google Maps and its information have already had a great impact on the real world.

According to Weckert, carrying 99 smartphones by trolley causes virtual traffic congestion on Google Maps. All the smartphones stacked in the cart are running the Google Maps app. By moving a large number of smartphones at the speed of walking, Google Maps mistakenly thinks that 'the car is congested', and intentionally because the driver avoids the area by looking at the imaginary traffic information Therefore, it is possible to create an area with low traffic volume.

In addition, Mr. Weckert tweeted, “ By the way, did you know that you can celebrate the 15th anniversary of Google Maps in February 2020? '', It is possible that this performance was Mr. Weckert's celebration Suggests.

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