Teikyo University, Hoshidake, and Hachimura Kaoru will not lose to Hakone Ekiden

Teikyo University, who participated in Hakone Ekiden for the 21st time in 13 consecutive years, released his practice in Tokyo on the 12th. Last year's 10 Ward Award [3rd year], Seidake [3rd year] vowed to leap to the star, losing to NBA Wizards Yasushi Yamura, who was a senior at Miyagi Meisei High School.

“The basketball club had something to follow for its national concentration, such as switching between on and off. Mr. Yamura was also very challenged to study English from the university to the United States.” Of the 16 entries, the only ace section 2 district is desired. “This year, the demands have also increased. We want to contribute to the goal of the first victory,” he leads with his ability to renew 10,000 meters in November.

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