Tele Morning changes Sunday 2pm program 2 weeks @ Doctors rebroadcast

TV Asahi said on Monday that it would change its lineup of Sunday primes [9 pm Sunday] as the spread of the new coronavirus affected program production schedules.

The station announced that it will broadcast a masterpiece selection of the drama series “DOCTORS II: The Strongest Doctor” starring Kazuki Sawamura for two weeks on 19 and 26. The 19th will broadcast a special drama in June 2013, and the 26th will broadcast a special drama in January 2015.

This work is a popular medical drama series played by Sawamura's arm surgeon Kosuke Sagara. Masanobu Takashima, Aimi Higa, Takehiko Ono, Ran Ito and Yoko Nogiwa will appear.

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