Telecommuting and telework about 98% of the introduction Keidanren member companies

Nippon Keidanren member companies 1470 companies emergency evacuation after a new type of corona virus infections infection expansion prevention measures as”telework and telecommuting adoption”survey conducted 406 companies from the answer, and the answer of the company 97. 8%(397 companies)in the”introduction to”found and announced. Soon to be introduced(4 companies),under consideration(2 companies)including 99. 3% of nearly.

A survey this month 14 days to 17 days, with 16 on the night of Abe Shinzo is a national emergency Declaration on the subject, but the survey response deadline is 17 days and that was from a national scale to target and then respond sufficiently to the questionnaire will be reflected may not be as good.

Telecommuting or telework employees employees a percentage of the whole, which accounts for the”8 more”and the answer is 36. 1%(82 companies)in the most,5% of companies and 72. 7%(165 companies)to back. Keidanren is”the answer employees of the enterprise total number about 115 million people, telecommuting and telework worked for about 76 million it is estimated that”about.

On the other hand, telecommuting and telework working of the introduction and expansion of the most failure point is 74. 8%(302 companies)”nature of operations”to you. Or 18. 3%(74 companies)of the IT equipment such as the lack there was.

Shinzo Abe Prime Minister of Japan 22 days of advanced information and telecommunications network society promotion strategic headquarters and the public and private sectors data utilization and promotion strategy of the meeting a joint meeting in”private economic activity about the paper and imprint the premise that the business practices once again,online is completed in that principle, so that the civil rules, including a country’s institutional improvement, and overall inspection done by”relevant Ministers instructed the IT environment and rush to think showed. (Editor in charge:Forest High 龍二)

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