Telework dissemination of the results,a new”telework manners”is born?

The new coronavirus people infected enlarged to receive at home, such as telework[remote work]an example of such is increasing,it is not”telework manners”that have been discussed so[The kind Articles 1,Article 2,Togetter for].

Smith article, the following manners are critical in the context presented.

“Online meeting to end, Account and superior of the A person is to log out or not out”
“Opponents to the discomfort so as not to give the background, the virtual background must use”
“For example the screen over, even in the eyes of the opponent, so to speak”

Incidentally, the microphone is noise picked up to be careful not to[noise like that when the MIC cut off],look into the background to note,the camera is reflected from the lower body to the clothes of one, and the”correct manners”alsoDengeki OnlineIt is being introduced.

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