Telework implementation rate,the Declaration lifted after a slight decline to continue the desired rate is 7 percent 4 on a larger rise

New Corona infectious diseases as go of self-restraint requested by the telework is popular. Telework is a work of reform in its spread has been promoted, and telework the introduction of the system in many enterprises for its utilization is extremely small also. In 2018, the Ministry of internal Affairs and communications the results of a survey conducted by the utilization of only 3. 4% of all-time. However, go quiet request after, especially in the emergency Declaration has been issued 4 months after the telework persons who use soared. Currently, the Declaration is released for telework usage what change has there?

HR consultant of the research Institute,the Declaration has been lifted after 5 Months 29 days from 6 November 2 National Workers 3 million subject to the new corona-virus by telework(telecommuting)of the realities and challenges about the investigation on the 11th, and results of.

According to the report, the 3 month survey at the time of telework implementation, who is 13. 2%and Corona uproar before the outbreak than it more than 4 times increase still 1 crack to some extent. However, the emergency Declaration has been issued for the 4 May 10, from 12 days of survey 27. 9%and 3 percent have soared. The Declaration was lifted 5 Months 29 days 6 months from 2 the date of survey 25. 7%and slightly decreasing. Day answers by looking at 5 on May 29 and 30. 5%,6 month 1 day 23. 0%and 7. 5 points also decreased,and undeclared in the telework ratio declined to say.

However, this trend is industry・occupation by different consultants 75% of the management planning 64%,product development and Research, 57%as 4 months compared to more than 10 points increase for sales positions,Barber & beautician,delivery・warehouse management・logistics, medical profession etc 4 January ratio has halved. Telework stopped work for reason,”telework is a business is not”is 35. 7%in the highest,”the company from the Office of policy for”May 18. 8%and 2 nearly there.

Telework requests for continuation of hearing about your results in the”continued”is 69. 4%and almost 7 percent, and the 20 men of 70. 8%, 20-year-old woman who is 79. 3%with the younger generation of women, who continue to Hope High.

Occupation to telework to continue the desired rate, the corporate planning is 85. 3%, General Affairs & Human Resources is 77. 5% and higher, service・services and drivers, the medical profession, such as the field to have a position that is lower. Currently telework implementation rate is high the occupation continues at the desired rate even higher, and the occupation by the that seems to. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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