Tenshi Shibuya "It was peaceful" Keishiro Kojima attending the night

Keishiro Kojima, a veteran of the Shochiku Shin Comedy who died at the age of 88 due to senility on the 23rd, ran a wake-up at the Yasuragi Tenkukan in Abeno-ku, Osaka City on the 25th. . Approximately 80 people attended, including Shichiya Tengai [65], the third chairman of the Shochiku Shin Comedy and chair.

Tengai said, "I didn't seem to have eaten rice or water for the past week. I died like a natural death. My face was restless. Kei, who always takes a nap, stayed there." I said. Kojima supported the Golden Age of the theater company with Hiromi Fujiyama and others.

He was scolded on the stage where he co-starred. "'I'm going to cry my father [Tengai Shibuya the second generation if I do that]." I was also angry and went to say, "I'm sorry!" It was a good experience. "

Funeral and farewell ceremony will be held at 1:00 pm on the 26th. The mourner is Keiichi, the eldest son.

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