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Part 1:Directly on cold soba Nanami chili pepper dawn → soup dive → slurp
Part 2:Wasabi Dawn directly on cold soba → Tsuyu dive → Slurp
Part 3:Wasabi Dawn directly on cold soba → Salt Parapara → Slurp (without soup dive)

…… I suddenly gave the answer because it was a pretty famous way. Looking at the above, there are many people who said, "I know it!" But, of course, he must have been a stranger.

Above all, it may be that someone who is surprised to see Tenya's “people inside” pushing the method. I don't have any proof, but first I would like to introduce the email sent by the “people inside”.

"How to eat cold 28-punch buckwheat noodles
Sprinkle the "Gengenbori Shichimi pepper" directly on the cold soba. The fact that the seven flavors and pungency reach the tongue directly is the numbness of the topic. The sensitive tongue makes the soba more delicious.

Similarly, wait for the wasabi, which has been sprinkled with cold seasoned soup, to be immediately melted in the noodle soup! Place it in small portions and then add it to the soup, or add the wasabi with the salt on the tabletop Try the "Shiwasabi soba" that you can't sprinkle with soup. "

So try it. What you need is on the table,It costs no money other than the price of buckwheat. If you try it once and it's "This is an ant", you can continue. If it says "It's better to eat normally", you can stop it.

── or more.

… But I would like to share my impressions that I practiced for reference.

・ Part 1: Directly on cold soba Shichimi pepper dawn → Soup dive → Slurp

First one. It seems common to eat with chili peppers in some areas, so it may be unusual or unusual for such a person to have “direct Shichimi peppers”. However, in the region where I was born (household?), The wasabi is the condiment for cold soba. The only way to apply Shichimi is to warm soba.

──Fixed concept is brokenYou can say it. It's nanmi chili and ants directly on the cold side. The moment I put it in my mouth, I could not help thinking, "Is the flavor of buckwheat losing?" Ali of Ali.

Part 2: Wasabi Dawn directly on cold soba → Tsuyu dive → Slurp

And part 2. Based on the fact that the buckwheat flavor stands out, this methodClear the reference line with plenty of timeare doing. By adding wasabi directly, the freshness of the buckwheat noodles is even more prominent.

If you refrain from adding soup, you will feel that point more. However, the problem is that it is troublesome to add wasabi every time.

Part 3: Wasabi dawn directly on cold soba → salt parapara → slurp (without soup dive)

For the third, I feel my tongue was too amateurish, rather than bad. I can feel the flavor of the buckwheat,After all we want to put gutsuri in soup ……! It is also true that the feeling of has been boilingMet. If you get used to it, may this be the best way to eat?

A place like this. After that, please try it yourself. Again,Even if you try everything, the extra cost is 0 yenBecause it is.

Reference links:Tendon Tenya
Report:Yuichiro Kazusa
Photo: RocketNews24.

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