Test drive all Porsche at once! What I felt for each model as a Porsche owner

Participated in an event that allowed successive Porsche generations to be compared in a short time. For more details,HerePlease see.

If you do not own a car shop or all, you will not be able to experience comparing Porsche successively. For example, you might be able to rent a car you know or ride in the passenger seat. However, it is "NO" to be able to ride the lineup prepared for this event.

I want to write what I felt in each test ride in the order I took the test ride.
First, the 996 type Carrera. This is the only AT car in this lineup, and the water-cooled rear link is multi-link. A car that can be said to be the ancestor of modern Porsche 911. Just before driving this one by myself, I experienced the riding experience of Mr. Hiroshi Maruyama of "WithMe" who supported the event on the day with this 996 type carrera. He previously owned a 997-type Carrera for over a year, so we, amateurs, were able to experience the speed range in areas where it was not possible, the feeling of tire grip, and the cornering G.

After that, I tried driving myself and found that the nose dive was large due to braking, the front was holding the road extremely, and the front was turning around the corner with the center. Air-cooled Porsche does not have this feeling. Probably after water cooling. In the air-cooled era, I feel like it is bent at the back. In fact, when I look at how the shoulders of the tires are worn, I feel that this sensation may not be just that. Let's return to the 996 Carrera.

Since it was the only water-cooled AT car, the expected value was definitely lower than the 964RS and 930 turbo etc., but I was surprised when I got on it. Although there is a difference in feeling between the front and the back, the strong acceleration feeling using traction is definitely 911.

In addition, long-term driving at a high pace is possible if a skilled driver drives. Right now, the 996 is the most affordable 911, but it's a normal 911 in terms of driving. Recommended as an introduction.

The next test drive is the featured 964 RS. It will be a Porsche in the role that can not ride normally such as 964RS. As you can see from the current market value, it can be imagined that the car is highly evaluated in terms of driving. After the test ride, the grinning did not stop. Power is just right. If you have too much power, you'll have to put up with it, you'll need a bite, or you'll be limited to electronic control.

Also, as long as you step on the brakes, it only works. If you release it, it will make such a movement. The steering moves as much as you operate, with little extra movement. I felt that this led to fun driving and was reflected in the current market value. If I can buy it, I would definitely buy it.

The next test drive was the 930 Turbo Flat Nose. The flat nose is a 330 horsepower version that has more power than a normal Turbo 3.3. The car was fitted with a Porsche approved tire A-008P, recently reprinted by Yokohama Tire.

One thing I felt was what this tire did. There was a feeling that less power was required for steering operation at low speed. That doesn't mean it's sparse. I felt lighter than the carrera I usually ride. I don't really like talking about specs, but the 330 hp power wasn't odd. It was the most punch I've ever experienced with a Porsche in the 300 hp range. I felt torque from below compared to the normal 3.3 turbo. In comparison, it seems that the violent acceleration starts at about 500rpm from below. I realized the greatness of Porsche's factory tune.

The next test drive is the 930 Speed ​​Star Turbo Look. The Speedster was a 1989 model, the same model as my car, and the same engine mission. The big difference is that the underbody is a turbo part and there is no roof. First brake. After all, there is a feeling that the brake of the turbo grabs and decelerates. There is a sense of security that is incomparable with Carrera brakes. By the way, my carrera did OH around the brakes, and the hands were put in except for the master back. Speaking of state than the surrounding Porsche of the same year, there should be a considerable advantage.

As you go above it, the base of the turbo brake system is high. Without a roof, the center of gravity would go down. And the wide tread. This works, and it feels like sticking or sticking to the road. Whether this feels heavy or a sense of security will be different for each person. Acceleration and power are the same as my Carrera. Especially fast! There is no such feeling. Open the roof and relax. It is interesting to whip occasionally. Such a car.

The last test drive is narrow. That is an early version of SWB. Narrow has been considering purchasing a car so far, so he has some experience. Both were 2.4 liter engines, so the first two liters were first experiences. I have been riding a so-called Porsche so far, so I can not compare it, but honestly I do not have power, and I feel that the reaction to the operation and the information I feel is mild or loose.

Still, the attitude during acceleration is Porsche itself. It's obvious because it's more than 53 years old, but all the late 2.4-liter Narrow Porsche cars I've ever had the chance to ride are fast. It feels like me, but I think the 911 was in the process of moulting from 356. In a few years, it raised the displacement to 2.4 liters and became a sports car that could be separated from other high power sports cars. Porsche was still a small-displacement sports car maker during the time of the released movie Ford vs Ferrari.

That was when the generation was changing from a narrow Porsche to a big bumper, dominating Le Mans and becoming a true sports car maker. I was able to feel the history of growth at that time. Finally, I was able to drive free on my car for about 15 minutes. There is no opportunity to ride such a car continuously. If you can drive with your own Porsche at the end, you will be able to feel the goodness and characteristics of each.

I think it is natural for an owner to have his own Porsche ruler and standard. If you experience this content in a day, will you be able to talk about each characteristic even if you have never touched classic Porsche? It will be a valuable experience.

It is scheduled to be held next time, so I hope you will participate.

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