Test drive report of comma.ai's automatic driving support system "comma two"

George Hotz, CEO of self-driving car startup comma.ai, wants to make driving more relaxing. He presented the latest version of the automatic driving assistance hardware "comma two" at comma.ai at CES 2020. It features an easier-to-use interface and a cleaner installation. The comma two is about the size of a smartphone and can be attached to the windshield. The image of the road ahead is displayed by the image from the camera facing forward, the driving lane is highlighted, and the driving speed and speed limit are also displayed.

comma two monitor

Courtesy Marc Ganley / Roadshow

To start, you need to download the "openpilot" software. This is free open source software that can perform accelerator, brake, and lane keeping without driver intervention on many recent models of Acura, Chrysler, Honda Motor, Jeep, Kia, Subaru, and Toyota. Add features.

To get started, simply press the “Set” button on the cruise control system built into the car from the beginning. The new infrared rear camera monitors the driver, while the cooling system has been improved so that the comma two can be used in the scorching Death Valley in summer. The driver can take over control of the car at any time by depressing the brake or accelerator pedal. The previous version had a lot of dongles and was a bit messy, but the new system is connected directly to the car with two hidden cables.

ら I got Hotz on board and drove down a busy street in Las Vegas and found that it worked just as well as when I tested a product at comma.ai before. Hotz's "Honda Civic" continued to run in the middle of the lane while passing through obscure intersections, and while still behind another car at a red light. The semi-trailer truck caused a mess, and had to be replaced once, but when a violent small car invaded from the right and quickly crossed multiple convoys to turn left, the comma two Was not confused.

Comma two is $ 999 [about 109,000 yen],comma.ai websiteIs accepting pre-orders. The shipment is scheduled for January 20.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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