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Test production of iPhone SE2 (provisional) already started? To iOS 14 (provisional) supported models. Latest Apple Rumors-Engadget Japan Version

This spring (perhaps around March), Apple is rumored to be launching a number of new products that have yet to be seen, and supply chain information is gaining momentum to support this.

Test production of iPhone SE2 (provisional) already started? From Apple to iOS 14 (provisional) support models, we will look back on the latest Apple rumors.

The next major version of iOS 14 (provisional), which is expected to be announced at this year's developer conference WWDC. In the previous iOS 13, iPhone 5s / 6 was truncated, but this time there were rumors that all devices that could be upgraded to iOS 13 will be supported.

However, according to rumor source iPhonesoft, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE may eventually be excluded. The small and inexpensive iPhone SE2 (provisional) (or iPhone 9 (provisional)), which is expected to be announced soon, is only speculated to be aimed at encouraging the big hit iPhone 6/6 Plus users to buy a new one. , The two treatments on these old and new boundaries seem difficult.

For iPadOS 14 (provisional), the iPad mini 4 and iPad Air 2 will eventually be cut off. It is surprising at first glance that the iPad mini 4 just one generation ago will be restructured, but it is already a model more than 4 years ago (released September 2015). The installed processor is A8 + compared to A12 of the latest iPad mini (2019), and there are several generations indeed.

Every time the next iOS / iPad OS is talked about, the attitude that Apple continues to upgrade the OS for a long time in the past models comes up.Analysis that the number of users who continue to use the iPhone for more than 4 years is increasingThere was, however, that even users who did not replace the main unit would still be potential customers of service businesses such as Apple Arcade and Apple TV +. For Apple, it may be itching.

Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog

While it is almost certain that an iPhone SE2 (iPhone 9) based on the iPhone 8 and equipped with the latest A13 processor and 3GB of memory will appear in March of this year, the screen has become wider, A model that should be called "SE2 Plus (provisional)" or "iPhone 9 Plus" is expected to be in preparation.

The Home button with Touch ID will be abolished in order to make the screen wider, but will it be Face ID for face authentication, or will Touch ID be taken over in a different form-these two views are divided.

Based on the former expectation, a mock-up video that looks like a Face ID version of iPhone 9 (provisional). We have released the Mac Treasure Appraisal Blog, which has a reputation for the speed and authenticity of Apple information overseas. The name is "iPhone 9 5.8 inch model", and there is a notch (cutout at the top of the screen) that seems to contain a TrueDepth camera for Face ID.

And when it is superimposed on the iPhone 7, it is almost the same size, but the screen of 7 is 4.7 inches and the mockup is 5.8 inches. In other words, the display has been widened by removing the home button.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst familiar with Apple's insider information, predicts that the iPhone SE2 Plus will use Touch ID, just like the iPhone 8, and will be integrated into the power button on the side. As a result, the full screen design = no home button from the front, the screen size will be 5.5 inches to 6.1 inches. And although there is a notch, it is said that it becomes smaller as there is no Face ID (and TrueDepth camera for that).

As far as the iPhone 9 and iPhone 11 Pro mockups are concerned, the notch area is smaller than that of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Apple is either considering two models, or it is likely that both Face ID and Touch ID versions will appear.


Rumors have been sporadically reported about several new Apple products, but they are all set to be released earlier this year. The source is the latest report by familiar analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The faces include a 4.7-inch iPhone, the so-called iPhone SE2 / 9 (there is a name), a new iPad Pro with a rear 3D camera, one or both of the MacBook Pro / Air, and an Ultra Wideband tag to prevent leftovers. High-end headphones and a small wireless charging mat.

Of these, wireless headphonesWhile predicted from two years agoSince the release of AirPowe, a small wireless charging mat was discontinued last year, we are worried about whether it will be possible to place the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods charging case at the same time, anywhere.

Many fans are looking forward to the iPad Pro, which hasn't been updated for more than a year, or the new MacBook Pro / Air, which is rumored to have a scissor-style keyboard that is popular for its stability and ease of cleaning. Apple genuine forgotten tag can find clues in iOS 13 beta and become competitor (planned)Testimony that Tile's tag product was removed from the store of Apple retail storeCredibility is increasing.

But according to Kuo, these new products could be postponed later in the year without significant and predictable future improvements in the outbreak of the new coronavirus (based on production schedules). States.

The new Coronavirus has already been produced by Nintendo President Furukawa himself on Nintendo Switch productionMentions "impacting". Foxconn, a leading assembly supplier for iPhones"We are taking steps to continue to fulfill our global manufacturing obligations."I would like to pray for the early mitigation of the spread of the infection.

Jeremy Christensen via Getty Images

It is rumored that Apple has canceled a military drone contract with the Pentagon for its recently acquired artificial intelligence startup

According to the paid news media The Information, the subsidiary was involved in the military AI research program Project Maven. Google used to be involved in this project, using AI to analyze the images taken by drones. Of the company's employeesAbout 3,000 people signed a petition for Pichai CEO to dissolve the partnership,In response to itCreated AI ethics guidelinesThe above contract has been terminated.'s technology is edge computing, which means that data is processed by devices placed "near" the terminal, avoiding communication delays. Because it doesn't rely on cloud servers, it is expected to make Apple's voice assistant Siri smarter, while making the privacy protections that the company emphasizes even more robust.

Such a user-oriented attitude could conflict with military contracts, which could potentially endanger human life. And, like Google, there is a risk of inviting employee backlash and draining the brains that are the lifeblood of a giant IT company. It is not decided yet) but it may be a natural choice.

The small and inexpensive model of the iPhone SE2, which had been frequently rumored this week, has been reported in China's supply chain that trial production has finally begun.

Chinese news site Mydrivers said that while the product name could be "iPhone 9", this model is mainly targeted at emerging markets such as India, and that the price of the main unit will not be high, so it will be 3,000 yuan (about 47,000 yen).

Famous analyst Ming-Chi KuoMajor media BloombergAlso emphasizes "low prices", and it seems that it can be said that it is likely that Japanese yen will fall below 50,000 yen.

At that price, it should be an attractive destination not only for iPhone 6/6 Plus users, but also for iPod touch users. In many ways, I'm looking forward to March, when people around the world can smile.

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