Testimony that the restaurant is crying behind the convenient delivery service

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Testimony that the restaurant is crying behind the convenient delivery service

by Kai Pilger

When you say "I want to eat the food of that shop at home!", A food delivery service that provides delivery to restaurants that do not go out is convenient. The food delivery service, which is rapidly expanding with convenience as a weapon, has been commented by restaurants that "there is a terrible spree."

Philly Restaurants Angry at Unauthorized Food Delivery “Partnerships”

The image below shows a popular fried chicken store in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaLove & Honey Fried ChickenOf food delivery service posted on InstagramGrubhubHere is a screenshot of the interaction. In this exchange, Grubhub who posted the menu of the shop on the site without notice, asked the store to contact it five times and withdraw the listing, but it has been shown that no response has been made You.

According to Love & Honey Fried Chicken, Grubhub will not be able to withdraw from the menu forever, so they are hiring a lawyer with a coffee shop that is having the same problem and considering legal action.

Gourmet information siteEaterAccording to Grubhub, it's not just Grubhub that has plagued restaurants with this kind of selfish behavior. A food delivery service based in San Francisco, CaliforniaDoorDashSaid in 2015 that the hamburger chainIn-N-Out BurgerIn addition, the food delivery service in San Francisco "PostmatesA similar problem has been pointed out.

Taiwanese Restaurant in PhiladelphiabaologySaid, "DoorDash and Grubhub have been badly adding themselves to the list of eligible stores. Every time a courier comes in," DoorDash's I don't even have an account. ', But if you watch the courier tell the customer about it, you can see that the customer is in great trouble, The impression of the inside will be worse. "

The problem isn't just about being on the list. Malaysian RestaurantSate KamparOn Instagram says, "Food delivery service puts our food on the menu at the wrong price. And if the courier tells me to come and serve the food, There have been calls from a customer who was angry at Kankan saying, "Not enough food". "

The food delivery service may not only mistake the price of the dish, but also deliberately list the price differently. Indonesian RestaurantHardenaAccording to Diana Wijojo, owner of the company, “ Orders with previous prices are now coming via Postmates, so when you contact Postmates you will be asked to join a member if you want to revise the price. '' I was told. " Hawaiian RestaurantPoi DogKiki Aranita, the owner of the restaurant, said about the cost of joining the membership, "We will lose 30% of the price of the dish, so we will lose our share."

The food delivery service industry is in a tough situation, despite the fact that restaurants have become self-service partners and clever ways to join them. News siteSurvey of The InformationAccording to the report, DoorDash is expected to lose $ 450 million in 2020, and Grubhub's 2020 revenue is expected to be significantly below 2019. That.

Ni told the local newspaper Philadelphia Magazine, "We are only seeking fair market competition and do not intend to deny the convenience of food delivery services. I want you to do that if you can, and accept that the price is a bit higher if you use a food delivery service so that everyone gets the right salary. "

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