"Tethering" that you use only occasionally, what is a good saving method?-Why you can not hear the iPhone now

Tethering is a function that enables information devices that do not have direct access to mobile lines, such as laptops, to connect to the Internet by using a smartphone or the like as an external modem. In the case of iPhone, it is provided as a service of a telecommunications carrier and can be used by signing an option contract.

This tethering, once all three major carriers handling iPhone offered virtually free, but as of April 2020, NTT DOCOMO is free of charge / application is not required, au and Softbank are optional and 500 yen (plan) It is necessary to apply for free). Au / SoftBank users who only occasionally use tethering are a bit annoying.

If your iPhone is XS / XS Max / XR or iPhone 11 series, you have the option of "eSIM". "Data Plan Zero", launched by the Internet Initiative (IIJ) in March, is an eSIM service dedicated to data communication, with a monthly charge (150 yen), a monthly fee of ¥ 150, a monthly fee of ¥ 300, and a price of ¥ 450 per GB thereafter. available.

This "Data Plan Zero" also supports tethering, so au / SoftBank users can use it as a "communication service that only needs to be used in the months that need tethering". Although the initial fee (3,000 yen) and SIM issue fee (200 yen) are incurred only for the first time, the point is that only the monthly usage fee is sufficient in unnecessary months.

Since it is an eSIM that does not exist as a physical SIM, there is no need to replace the SIM card. In addition to assigning eSIMs exclusively for data communication, it is also possible to use eSIMs only when tethering is needed. If you use an expensive plan just for tethering that you use only occasionally, the combination of a cheap pay-as-you-go plan and eSIM is worth considering.

  • `` Tethering '' that is used only occasionally, how to save money?

    If you only use tethering occasionally, you can use eSIM

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