Tetsuro Degawa "The Uncle Generation Is Surprised" Famista

Comedy talent Tetsuro Degawa [56] attended the "Real Gachi Presentation" of the baseball game "Professional Baseball Famista 2020" in Tokyo on the 30th.

Dekawa, who also appears in the commercial, said, "The current Famistar does not operate with buttons, but actually throws and hits. I think the uncle generation will be surprised. My real is [prestigious high school baseball] Busou High School I have never participated in an official game in the softball baseball team, but I will do my best to help."

When Degawa performed batting, voice actress Fukutsugu Ochiai [32], who sang the theme song "Great Baseball" in the opening movie of the game, "I'm sorry! Yaibai!" According to me, it is better to lay the bat without standing it, because there is no extra movement. The person himself was a priest's batting method with that bat," he said. He sent advice based on the theory inherited from his father, Mr. Hiromitsu, who became the third crown king of the year.

Degawa said with a wry smile, "I'm excited to have Ochiai's son imitate me. I'm happy that Mr. Fukutsuji was so good. When I was a kid, I was a crying entertainer."

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