TFG Akazawa "Know Our Charm" Tour Next Year

Actors Akazawa Yutaro, Maekawa Yuki, Sato Nobunaga, Sakagaki Shinji, Hotta Yuo, Sakuraba Daisho, Kento and others, a new sensation artist group TFG [T-Efuji] on the 11th In Tokyo, we held an event to commemorate the release of the second single “Kami-sama Request”.

On this day, the healthy people were absent, but a meeting was held with six people, and in March next year they announced the first one-man tour around Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. It was the first time to live outside Tokyo, and Akazawa said, “I want to make a larger group by getting new customers to know the charms of new customers.”

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