“Thanks to Hikawa-san,” a Japanese poetry award for Koichi Matsuoka

The “52th Japan Poem Grand Prix”, which commends excellent lyrics, was broadcast live on BS TV Tokyo on the 14th, and Koichi Matsuoka ’s “top boatman” won the grand prize.

When listening to the award on the platform, Mr. Matsuoka expressed his sensation, saying, “I was able to win the grand prize for the first time.

He also thanked Kiyoshi Hikawa who sang the song, “It was a wonderful work far beyond the imagination of the creator. Thanks to Hikawa! Thank you very much.”

Hikawa sings the same song in live broadcast. Celebrating Mr. Matsuoka's first award, he commented, "When I first got the lyrics, I thought it was a dramatic, romantic and wonderful work. I'm happy and really congratulations!" After singing, Hikawa was also impressed with the back of Mr. Matsuoka.

After the broadcast, Matsuoka revealed that Hikawa's debut song “Hakone Hachiri no Hanjiro” was the opportunity to become a lyricist, and recollected that he was guided by the late Yurio Matsui who worked on the song. “I think I've finally said, 'You did it! Matsuoka!',” He said to Matsui. Hikawa, who will enter the entertainment industry in the 21st year next year, also superimposes the lyrics and himself, "I myself will feel like" The ship is coming out! The 21st year will start ", and I've been singing for a lifetime I don't think so. "

The excellent work award was won by Kei Yoshida's “Is it okay” [Sakamoto Fuyu Singing] and Shinichi Ishihara's “Snow Lotus” [Yukino Ichikawa]. The best newcomer award was awarded to Shoichi Yoshii's “I want to get drunk” [Shinko Ishihara singing], and the best newcomer award was awarded to Kenji Motegi's “Osaka Okan” [Singo Ishihara].

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