that?じ ゃ Isn't it too clear around the engine? | 78 year Toyota Corona MARK II Vol.3

The point of appearance is the wheel. Even though Shirai works for a tire shop, his car stance is particularly particular, and the wheel dares to choose a nostalgic void.

The 17-inch size has an exquisite large-diameter feel for Mark 70 of the 70's, and fits perfectly as a modern item.

He said that he was particular about the height of the tires so that only the wheels won't win in appearance, and he researched the size and branding so that the tires could not be seen thin while being pulled.

The result was a Pirelli dragon. A wide stance front 8J and rear 9.5J wheels are housed in a normal fender, while maintaining a firm presence on the tires.

The engine room finished like a custom car in Wiretuck & Shaved Bay.

The color in the engine room has been kept to a minimum, giving it a clean look.

In particular, the smoothing from the fenders to the struts is beautiful, and is an important point that appeals for smoothness.

The 2JZ engine itself is completely normal, with a polished surge tank set there.

The throttle uses a large diameter size of φ80 mm. Ekimani is a one-off product of S & A Auto Create. The choice of such intake and exhaust parts is the engine

し な が ら While making up to here, the interior keeps full normal. There is no evidence of an engine swap, and the speedometer drives the genuine one as it is, and there is no sign of replacement from the shift lever.

This casualness is also important in making Rodder style.

The grill is processed and attached to a billet grill for Chrysler 300C. I was surprised because I stepped on the tire and bent it to get the exquisite radius.

Hot rods are a way to combine beauty and speed and add new value to cars. This Mark 2 is just a model vehicle.

The wheel is a void revolver. It was the forerunner of billet aluminum wheels that were popular in the 90s.

Nostalgic SPEED vol.003 March 2014 issue [all contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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