That ant? Attach the tire to the jet and turn it into a limousine! │What's inside the car you care about?

There is only one jet in the world with tires instead of wings. It was designed to run on public roads.

The jet was designed by the American jet maker Learjet and is named "Liam Jin". As the name suggests, it is intended for use as a "limousine". The project started in 2005 with a total length of about 13m and a total width of about 2.5m. It took about two years to complete the original frame, fuselage design and suspension production. It took a lot of space to pursue bodywork, including painting, but it could be done safely at a limousine shop. It was released to the public in Dallas in 2018.See the flashy interior

The driver, of course, would sit in the cockpit of the jet. The meters are taken from the original Chevrolet Silverado, with four screens that allow you to view the outside from various angles. The red toggle switch allows you to adjust the lights and control the music.

The seats in the room are fixed on one side and have a more limousine-like space with flashy neon lights than a private jet atmosphere. It can seat up to 18 people, has a 42-inch TV, minibar, and a 17,000-watt sound system, making it an ideal choice for parties that want to make loud noises.

At the heart of the large body is an 8.1-liter V8 engine with rear-wheel drive. Although the detailed output is unknown, the sound when driving would be considerable if there were speakers.

Liam Jin will be exhibiting at an auction on May 12-17, and those who pick it up will have a trailer to carry the jet. The estimated contract price has not been announced.

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