That Porsche? An unexpected Porsche identity that was sold for about 100 million yen

Speaking of cars worth more than $ 100 million, you might imagine supercars like McLaren Senna and classic models Ferrari and Aston Martin. However, at the auction held in the United States this time, the Porsche 914 was priced at $ 995,000 [about 100 million yen]. Manufactured in collaboration with Volkswagen, also known as the Wagen Porsche, the 914 is a relatively inexpensive Porsche and has a strong following. In most cases, the market price of a good 2.0 liter model is about 7 million yen.

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The reason why this one was sold at a price of 100 million yen is because it is a special 914/6 GT. The 914 Porsche Factory manufactured and marketed 16 cars to compete in Group 4 races. It is equipped with a 1991cc flat 6 engine and exhibits the strongest 210hp at the time. As a factory car, the 914/6 GT has a glorious history as a former works car driven by Porsche star drivers such as Franz Conrad, Bjorn Waldegard, Jurgen Wald, and Olaf Mantai, and it is worth it It is said that there is no such thing.

One of the cars that appeared at the auction was delivered to a Canadian racing driver in 1970, and has achieved first place in Daytona 24 hours and fourth place in Sebring. One that has also participated in Le Mans Classic and Tour Auto, one that is valuable as history, but it is well maintained and performs as a car, it is unbearable for enthusiasts1 I guess it was a stand.

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