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Tyrolean chocolate that has been familiar since ancient times ♪ The shock that the sweet taste of ice confection has come out this time! It is a must-see for what kind of chocolate shaved ice becomes.

Package is also cool! ‥

I want to eat something sweetSeven-ElevenWhen I was wandering around inside the store, I found a new flavor of Tyrolean chocolate before the cash register! ‥
It's a familiar chocolate that has been around for a long time, but I will definitely buy it because it will release limited flavors regularly♪ From the package, that shaved ice sauce? !! ‥
I was interested in the evolution from ice cream to chocolate, so I bought it! ‥

Refreshing lemon scent! ‥

It's been a while since I've been eating Tyrolean chocolate, and my tension rises. When I was little, I loved coffee nougat and biscuits, and I remember eating them all ♪
convenience storeThe size of the Tyrolean chocolate sold at

Once opened, it gives off a refreshing and sweet scent of poon and lemon. I am wondering how it was reproduced with chocolate! ‥

The crunchy texture is irresistible

When I cut it in half, it looked like something shattered and shattered! According to the website, lemon candy and lemon candy are put in chocolate. This is what the glitter really is! ‥
Let's eat it right away! Pakku. It's cold… the chocolate is cold and crunchy! ‥
It's a mysterious thing, but when you put it in your mouth, you'll feel scared! And, the crunchy texture of lemon candy and salame is a habit! ‥

This is a taste that is sure to be that Sakura…! ‥

It can be said that this is almost completely reproducing the ice confection "Lemon Sacre".
This crispness feels like biting ice, and it feels strangely cold.
And when you bite lemon candy, the sweet and sour taste that pops in your mouth is the best! In the brain, you will feel like you are eating ice candy Sacre. (Lol)

It was the first time for me to meet such a refreshing taste of chocolate. You may be shy of chocolate when it gets hot in summer, but this chocolate is a new texture that reproduces shaved ice and is recommended! ‥
Ice confectionery Sakure is an extremely long-selling popular product 35 years after its release. I'm sure everyone has eaten? ‥
I want you to taste the excitement of the chocolate that turned your eyes on! ‥

Personally, I wanted the lemon slices to be topped with dried lemons to recreate the lemon slices…! I will try it with the original product.

It was an introduction of "Tyrolean chocolate <Sacre Lemon>" limited to 7-Eleven! ♪ It is a recommended product that I want you to taste this surprising feeling ♪

Store: Seven-Eleven
Menu: Tyrolean chocolate <Sacre lemon>
Reference price: 33 yen (excluding tax)

(Sentence/Photograph ☆IZUMINT☆)
(Edit: Karko)

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