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That wireless headphone goes to "4". Sony official page announces August 7th, but also promotional photos overseas-Engadget Japan version

Sony has announced on official Twitter and Facebook that something will be announced from 9 am on August 7th.

Also, using the same image in the US, he introduced that a live YouTube broadcast is scheduled to start from 11:00 on August 6 (local time: midnight on the 7th in Japan).


Of course, it's a wide range of Sony products, so of course it's not enough information, but on the official website, it is very kind that the notice is displayed on the headphone page.

And the catch phrase attached to the notice image is "Wait 4 Something exciting.", which emphasizes "4". This makes predictions much easier to make.

It is a product that belongs to Sony's headphones, and the content that could be given this much notice, and 4 is involved … If it becomes, "WH-1000XM3", which has become a definite classic of high-end headphones, is almost certainly "M4" (= Mark 4 (4th generation) seems to be correct (of course, the possibility of surprise cannot be abandoned).

By the way, I can say it this far because, in fact, this "WH-1000XM4" (tentative name), information with extremely high accuracy is already flowing from multiple sources.

Engadget US version also in June,An article that an introduction page was found on the website of Walmart, a major US retailerIs published.

In addition, although it has been deleted, Sony's official Instagram in Brazil also posted an advertisement picture of a model that seems to be XM4. On Twitter, v i C t o r reports.

Furthermore, highly accurate information has already flowed regarding this XM4 and its functional aspects.

Typically, the latest generation "DSEE Extreme" is adopted for "DSEE" that recalculates (complements) the compressed sound source to a state close to high-resolution quality (current XM3 has one generation old "DSEE HX"). And Bluetooth 5.0 support for improved communication stability (XM3 is 4.2) and extended battery life due to reduced power consumption.

In general, waiting for two years has become a likely enhancement for prospective users (XM3 launch date October 6, 2018).

In addition, although accuracy is reduced, up to two Bluetooth multipoints (= pairing with two main units at all times, standby at the same time) is possible from those who analyzed the Android version Sony Headphone/Earphone application "Headphone Connect". It has been pointed out that there is a possibility of correspondence and a function that links with Google Maps although details are unknown.

XM3 supports multi-pairing (specification that allows pairing with multiple devices) up to 8 units, but multi-point was not supported.

If this can be done with the XM4, it will be a great convenience for users who carry multiple smartphones and use them differently, so it is a place to watch.

Speaking of the "4" generation of Sony headphones, the completely wireless earphone "WF-1000XM3" should be 4 next time, but in fact there is no leaky information here.

Of course, it is possible that there will be a surprise announcement, but it is considered unlikely in this announcement because there is too little information on the surrounding area.

In any case, the XM3 is still a powerful model because of its powerful noise canceling performance compared to its rivals even now, about two years ago. If the rumor of this strengthening point is true, there is more than a possibility that it will be the return of "XM3 Impact".

Source:Sony official headphones product page

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