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The 12th experimental program of Ginza Sony Park! Opening “# 012 Affinity in Autonomy <Symbiotic Robotics>” to propose a bright future for people and robotics

Ginza Sony Park_ # 012AiA_Accordance_Resize

Ginza Sony Park is the 12th experimental program, “# 012 Affinity in Autonomy”, which expresses a bright future where humans and robots can live together while enhancing their affinity. It is being held from Saturday, March 14th. The exhibition utilizes Sony's strengths in image sensor technology and robotics know-how that has been researched and accumulated for 20 years.

■ Trial exhibition of hands-on exhibitions exhibited at Milan Design Week 2019

This program, which will be an intermediary exhibition of the experiential exhibits that Sony exhibited at Milan Design Week 2019, consists of five interactions, and it feels like the process of deepening the relationship between people and robotics.

Affinity means familiarity and affinity. Autonomy represents autonomy, that is, the way robotics works autonomously. What I wanted to disseminate through the concept of “Affinity in Autonomy” is a world where people and robotics live together through their hearts, and their vision of a rich relationship.

With this program consisting of five interactions, you can feel the process of increasing the affinity between humans and robotics as you walk.

Spatial design uses vivid multi-color, and expresses the richness of society where people and robotics live together. How about experiencing the new relationship between people and robotics?

■ # 012 Affinity in Autonomy <Symbiotic Robotics>
Title: # 012 Affinity in Autonomy <Symbiotic Robotics>
Period: Saturday, December 14, 2019 to January 13, 2020 [Monday / Holiday] ※ December 31 [Tuesday], 2019 and January 1, 2020 [Wednesday / holiday] Holding time: From 10:00 to 20:00
Venue: Ginza Sony Park PARK B2 / PARK B3
Fee: Admission free
SNS account: @ginzasonypark [instagram, twitter, facebook]Hashtag: #AffinityInAutonomy #ginzasonypark

Ginza Sony Park_ # 012AiA_Autonomous_Resize

Ginza Sony Park_ # 012AiA_Awakening_Resize

Affinity in Autonomy [Sony Design site]

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