The 13th generation Niizamon Kataoka participated in the 27th anniversary with 3 brothers

The thirty-seventh anniversary of the 13th-generation Niizaemon Kataoka who died at the age of 90 in 1994 at the Ikegami Honmonji Temple in Tokyo on the 28th, his son and three brothers, Gato Kataoka [85] Shutaro Kataoka [78] Hitoshi Kataoka Along with Saemon [75], Shinnosuke [52], my eldest son, Kotaro Kataoka [52], Nison's eldest son, Chinosuke [19], and Ainosuke [47], the adopted son of Hidetaro, attended.

Nizaemon said, "I think my brother is happy to be able to carry out the memorial service together with my brothers."

At the February Great Kabuki [Kabukiza, Tokyo, February 2 to 26], the 27th anniversary pursuits were performed: "Sugawara Denden Hands-on Training Guide [Tenara Ikagami]", "Hachijin Guardian Castle", and "Dogyo Hometown" "Hatsuyuki" is staged. Nizaemon said, "I think that the most enjoyment of a play is the joy."

When asked about his father's memories, I recalled, "I liked sumo wrestling," and Hidetaro said, "I like trains and saw the Kyotaro Nishimura mystery and said," I don't sell station lunches at this time. " And laughed.

Nizaemon said, "I have never seen an angry face. I only remember good memories. My memory was amazing, and even if I did not do it for 20 or 30 years, he said that it was like this." I had a good time.

Nizaemon plays Sujo Sou [Michizane Sugawara] in the Sugawara Denshu Handbook, a follow-up performance. He was also good at the 13th generation and was also called the territory of God. Nizaemon said, "I want to take over the role that my father has left and I want to be as close to my feet as possible." I have 10 years so I can afford it. "

Highlights include Nizaemon, Kotaro, and Chinosuke's parent and child co-starring for three generations, and Gato and Shinnosuke's parent-child co-starring.

Ainosuke alone cannot perform in "February Kabuki" because of another performance. When Ainosuke said, "I have a sashiyu. My heart is praying for Kabukiza." Niizaemon laughed, "Because it sells best!"

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