The 13th son of the 13th generation Niizaemon Kataoka appears at Daikabuki

The Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo "February Kabuki" has reached its first day on February 2. As the 27th anniversary of the 13th generation Niizaemon Kataoka, a third performance will be performed in the daytime and nighttime sections, and three brothers of the 13th generation will appear in each.

Nizaemon Kataoka [75] plays Sugajo [Michizane Sugawara] of "Tarahara Denga Handbook", which his father is known for as a god. It was performed for the sixth time, and was built at the Doshin grave before the show, and visited Fukuoka and Dazaifu Tenmangu. Niizaemon said, "I want to take over the role that my father has left and move as close as possible to my father's feet."

The night performance "Hachijin Morigojo" is the last performance of the 13th generation at the age of 90, featuring Kataoka Gato [85]. Shutaro Kataoka [78] appears in "The First Snow in Dogo Hometown".

In addition, Kikugoro Onoe appeared in "The Seven Story of Humanity Story" based on the storytelling story of Sanyutei Encho, and the dance "Hagoromo" based on Noh by Umetama Nakamura and Tamasaburo Bando. Nakamura Umetama performed in the third performance of "Sugawara Densetsu Hands-on Training Guide", including "Traditional Brush".

Until the 26th.

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