The 2019 Super bankruptcy,7 years to increase the Teikoku Databank all

Private credit reporting agencies of Empire data Bank is in 2019, 1 year occurred in the supermarket business suppliers of bankruptcy, out of debt 1,000 million in legal analysis into the case of Aggregation where in the country to 30, reaching 7 years and exceeded the previous year was found. The majority of community-based, independent, super, bad weather and poor sales and the consumption tax hike affected in a large supermarket,drugstore, etc defeated in competition with them.

【Here】The elderly・care business in bankruptcy,4 years in a row of 100 beyond the record to Tokyo Shoko Research survey

The number of bankruptcies of 30 cases in the previous year of 21 from 42. 9%increase from 2013, and followed over 6 years for the decline to stop it. Total liabilities 188 billion 3,000 million yen in the previous year of 83 billion 5,500 million yen from 125. 4% significantly more. 2019 in 1 month on the special liquidation and start instruction received the Hiroshima Prefecture of radio and television store, the debt of about 70 billion all over the 2007 and later 2 the second large-scale bankruptcies, and overall boost your.

By region, the Kanto region and 7 were in the most,the Hokuriku region is 6 projects in the Tohoku region of 4 reviews continued. By Prefecture, the Aichi Prefecture and Toyama Prefecture for each of the 3 cases was the highest. Business history in another, established more than 30 years companies of 22 companies and the whole of 73. 3%, accounting for the business history of a long bankruptcy of companies stood out. Most business history was long during the Edo period, in 1805 established Ibaraki Prefecture 遠峰 brewery was.

Debt 50 billion or more a large bankruptcy is a wide-store only. Debt 1 billion yen to less than 10, or liabilities of 1 billion yen to 10 billion yen 16 million, accounting for medium-sized bankruptcies were many. Many of them are community-based independent supermarket,a national chain of large supermarkets and drugstores such as conflict, inside sales fell not.

Out of these, radio and television store on the Hiroshima Electric Railway is 100% subsidiary of”Madame joy”5 of store management and move for in 2018, the Aeon Group of MaxValu nishinihon to the business transfer by dissolution, by 2019 1 month special liquidation order.

Osaka Shopping Center Pond Zhong is the”tube”such as the 19 stores operated in 2007, of play procedure completed from the resurrection to aim for,competitors, and the intensifying competition, the consumption tax hike accompanied by capital investment and human resources to ensure struggled, the debt to about 10 billion yen to inflate the bankruptcy was. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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