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The 7th Odaiba Bread Festival of Fuji TV will be held! A number of famous stores that are inevitable in line will also be opened.


Fuji Television (hereinafter referred to as “Fuji Television”) will hold the “7th Odaiba Bread Festival” for three days only, from February 21 (Fri) to February 23 (Sun).

■ Popular bread event again

The Odaiba Bread Festival started in February 2017 and has entered the fourth year of this year, an event with a total of 130,000 visitors. This time, the seventh time, the “Curry Bread Marche in Odaiba” (cooperation with the Japan Curry Bread Association) was held again. In addition, delicious bakery staff carefully selected directly by the staff were lined up. As a very popular “Odaiba Bread Festival Special Selection”, Kansai-based luxury bread “Sakimoto” sells limited quantities of premium bread.

■ Opening famous stores from all over Japan

A coffee shop produced by Kenji Sakaguchi has also appeared! In the popular bakery section, “Don't own yourself” and “Cat Cat food bread” that were featured in the morning information program “Mezamashi Television” were opened and sold directly. In addition, Nasu's famous store "Penny Rain" will open a store in Odaiba with its proud bread this time. Also, if you buy bread at each store, you can enjoy lottery lottery that wins luxurious prizes.

■ Implementation overview
Event name: The 7th Odaiba Bread Festival
Date: February 21 (Fri)-February 23 (Sun / holiday) 2020 for 3 days @ 10: 00-16: 00 (planned) * Ends when sold out
* Dates are different at each corner.
"Curry bread Marche in Odaiba bread festival"
(Scheduled for 11:00 to 16:00 on 22 and 23)
"Popular bakery" 10: 00-16: 00 (planned)
"Hokkaido freshly baked chikuwa bread, freshly baked melon bread"
"Special Selection" 12: 00-16: 00 (planned)
Admission fee: Free
Venue: Fuji TV Headquarters (1F: Fuji TV Mall, 7F: Fuji's Horizontal, 1F: Fuji TV OT Entrance)
Main Event: Fuji Television
Sponsor: Ryobi Group


The 7th Odaiba Bread Festival

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