The American presidential election of the whereabouts and policy seen from the stock price impact of the latter part

Trump President’s commitment is strong, America to achieve the American economy to with stand the elements that the cut content was. Especially corporate tax, the highest was 35%[World No. 1]from 21% in significant tax breaks, and corporate America is a big tailwind and I have been to.

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After the pledge, the TRANS-Pacific Partnership [TPP] withdrawal from or the North American Free Trade Agreement [NAFTA], a review of China’s trade war with, including American could, and thorough”deal”and cut you. Certainly to that degree that America has regained strength has appeared in the Paris Agreement and the stationing of the US military expenses even the”deal”for a material as if it is just selfishness to not to.

Under such circumstances the coronal shock may trump the achievements of the government of was the stock price in the blink of an eye crash, unemployment also soared. Fulfilling economy as a top priority, you can trump the regime of walks,a really strong American to realize the right thing was,corona ominous to be questioned by simple.

Then, 対立候補 of Biden he is the anti-Trump regime clearly, in the top of the President’s policies, denied the reorientation is not. That is, Trump the President is important for the American economy for the policy, see”supported content is considered to be from”little by little return to its original position is considered.

In fact, Biden says is stated policy,”corporate income tax rate of 21%from 28%””to the wealthy for tax increases,””participation in the TPP support””Paris agreement to re-join the””Obamacare”expansion of you,your American stock market, as the unwelcome content, there is no doubt about that.

Corona ominous and economic activities resume to give preference to Trump against the regime, Article 2 effect of the waves is concerned the situation is, in fact, the stock market and the biggest risk is the corona virus, not playing the regime’s downfall is well to beware. [Article: 小林弘 Zhuo・The article list to look at]

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